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The EmetStudy online treatment program for emetophobia is no longer taking volunteer applicants for the university research study. A brief consumer summary of the reseach results from the EmetStudy program will be made available on this site January 2014.

A detailed and technical summary of the program is expected to be published in early 2014. A free online CBT treatment for emetophobia (fear of vomiting) will be made available at www.emetophobe.com in January 2014. This treatment requires that you complete this treatment program with the assistance of a licenced mental health professional as no other therapeutic support will be provided.

The emetophobe.com program is not a research study. It is a variant of the EmetStudy program and consequently the treatment outcomes may be different.

The program is currently undergoing change to support the therapist assisted model. The fear of vomiting CBT program will be free to use.


Research results

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Research results for the EmetStudy program are expected to be released in 2013 and will be located here.

Brief summary

The EmetStudy treatment program is a 12 week cognitive behavioral therapy program specifically targetted at emetophobia. This project is a requirement for a PhD thesis for Mark Sykes at the Univerity of Griffith (Gold Coast, Australia). The psychologist for the treatment is Mark Sykes and the PhD supervisor is Dr Mark Boschen.

There were three main treatment groups (beta testers, group1 and group2). The beta test group has now completed the 12 week treatment program. Group1 and group2 are currently undergoing treatment. The results for the beta testers is currently be analysed.



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Mark SykesContact details for Mark Sykes

email: apply@emetstudy.org





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This emetophobia treatment program 'EmetStudy' is a PhD project managed by Griffith University Australia. The program specifically focuses on people who have a fear of themselves vomiting or others vomiting (or both). The research supervisors are Dr Mark Boschen and Dr Elizabeth Conlon. The student conducting the PhD research is Mark Sykes. This treatment is provided free of charge to volunteers who meet the entry requirements and agree to the terms and conditions of the study.

This research is made possible by the generous contributions of a number of additional individuals including:

Person Contribution
Dr Mark Boschen EmetQ test
Dr David Veale SPOVI test
Dr Allie Ernst Voice over
Christine Bain Recording studio
Andy Clarke Software
Rgraph.net Software
Jonathan T. Sage Software
Geolocate software Software
World Health Organisation WHOQoL